Top Tips for Client Retention in the Legal Sector

Atechy Legal

July 20, 2020

If your firm has successfully managed to secure a new client, you have likely spent a fair amount of money advertising your services. However, has your firm got a solid retention strategy in place? How will you make sure that your new client does not turn to a competitor after your first consultation? There are two vital aspects to client retention in the legal sector; (1) creating legal value and (2) creating service value.

Legal Value

You must be an expert in your practice area. Ultimately, clients are paying you for your knowledge and speciality in your field – ensure you provide them with the valuable information they need. Do not wait for clients to ask you questions in endless emails; be proactive and let them know precisely how you will approach their case.

It would help if you also informed your client of any legal issues you foresee. Have the foresight and legal experience to bring these up with your client before they cause a problem that could have been averted.

Lastly, keep your clients updated with changes in the law. If your client initially approached you about a custody issue, inform your client when the relevant law changes (even if you have already settled the matter). You might not be charging them for this gracious update service, but they’ll remember you for it and may want to use your services again.

Service Value

Communication is key. One of the most common complaints about law firms is, ‘My solicitor doesn’t phone me back. I have to beg for an update.’ Make sure you return your clients’ emails and telephone calls promptly.

Honesty is the best policy. Be honest with your client about their odds; do not give them false hope about their case. If their situation is not clear cut, let them know. They will appreciate your honesty if the outcome is negative. Furthermore, if your firm made a mistake, tell your client – or they will end up finding out on their own.

Be diligent and bill accurately. Make sure you employ hardworking staff and handle each case with the care it deserves. While it may be tempting to delay processing a current matter for a new, more interesting one, think about your future with the client you are ignoring. More importantly, do not over-bill your clients. Happy clients are those who feel like the service they received is worth every penny they paid for it.

When developing your client retention plan, keep the above in mind and imagine various scenarios for your clients. If you were the client, what would you like to see from the firm? What updates would you like to receive and how frequently would you like to be able to contact your solicitor? Put a plan in place for each possible scenario, and your client retention will inevitably improve.

Additionally, it is always wise to obtain a second opinion from a company that specialises in the subject matter. Professional companies such as Atechy Legal are renowned for their expertise in client retention, engagement and legal lead generation. Connect with Atechy Legal on LinkedIn for more content about client retention in the legal sector

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