Solar Panels – Help Your Clients Claim Against Supplier Breaches

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July 20, 2020

With environmental degradation all over the media, it is no surprise that there has been a drastic shift towards green consumerism - and solar panel companies have embraced this shift with open arms. Yes, the potential benefits of solar power are endless – it is a renewable energy source, it can reduce electricity bills, it offers low maintenance costs, and ultimately, it will help in the fight to save the planet.

However, were consumers made unrealistic promises by solar providers? They were often told that:

  • Solar panels would generate more electricity than what they receive from their energy suppliers;
  • The panels would virtually ‘pay for themselves’; and
  • The money saved every month would be higher than the finance instalments they’d be paying.

Some even said that consumers could ‘sell the extra electricity’ back to the National Grid. It has come to light, however, that these promises were, in most cases, exaggerated. The consumer rights group ‘Which’ conducted an investigation which found that 75% of companies had overstated the financial benefits of solar panels.

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act states that for, “... any claim against the supplier in respect of a misrepresentation or breach of contract, he shall have a like claim against the creditor, who, with the supplier, shall accordingly be jointly and severally liable to the debtor.”

Solicitors are investigating this, as thousands of households across the UK are now indebted to their credit card companies for solar panels that they cannot realistically afford. These households are still reliant upon energy companies to satisfy most of their energy requirement. The BBC has published horror stories about pensioners having to dig into their retirement savings to repay solar-panel loans greater than £10,000. Solicitors have the opportunity to help consumers recover financial losses suffered at the hands of over-enthusiastic solar panel companies.

In September 2019, the Financial Ombudsman Service had already received over 2000 complaints – not including consumers that had already independently approached solicitors. Credit companies are aware of the vast scale of the potential claims, as Barclays Bank, for example, has set aside £38m to deal with mis-sold solar panel claims. Many of the solar panel companies that made the exaggerated claims identified above have already gone into liquidation, and more will follow.

Solicitors must bear in mind that, in addition to claiming for solar panels, other accompanying products such as solar batteries, voltage optimisers, panel optimisers and maintenance agreements can also be included. Your clients could be entitled to a complete write-off of any future payments towards their solar panel system and a full refund of any money already paid, plus 8% statutory interest.

Atechy Legal has already generated thousands of qualified solar panel claim leads, clearly indicating the sheer scale of affected consumers. By using an experienced company like Atechy Legal, your firm can upscale its operations, handle legitimate cases, improve case turnaround times and increase client satisfaction.

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