Our team is our most valuable asset

We believe the greatest investment we can make is in our people.

Our greatest investment

Located in upmarket Deansgate, Manchester, our headquarters offer unrivalled views of the city. Our team is global and consists of over 1,000 industry experts boasting a wealth of experience. Their diversity allows them to understand, manage and improve any legal process.

Despite the recent global pandemic, Atechy Legal launched in May 2020. The team welcomed the opportunity to become more resilient and embraced adversity head-on. Atechy Legal understands your business requirements and will always provide outstanding service. We do this by harnessing the power of people, processes and innovation.

Meet some of our team

Smart, diverse and agile thinkers, our team are experts. We’re proud to have built a team of some of the best professionals in the industry.
George Smith

“My team and I are dedicated to obtaining the best possible
outcome for our clients.”

Ryan Mosley

“We understand the stresses law firms face and my aim is to reduce these stresses, not add to them!”

Sophie Russell

“My team are highly competent and hard working professionals, providing excellent service.”